Patients and Visitors


Upon your admission to Cape Cod Hospital, you will receive an admissions folder from our Patient Registration Department. Enclosed in the package are pamphlets on services available through the hospital, information on your rights as a patient, and a copy of the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy. Please take the time to read this valuable information.

If you request a private room, you will be charged at the private room rate. if you have questions regarding your room rate, call Patient Accounts at 771-6776. If you wish to transfer to a different room, call the Admitting Office at extension 25251.

Cape Cod Hospital Care Management

Care Management promotes the delivery of high quality patient care in the most cost-effective manner by managing the utilization of heath care resources to produce the best outcome possible.

Care Management enhances the coordination of hospital services to efficiently manage the delivery of patient care in a given time frame.

Care Management strives to improve the continuity of patient care and information providing one contact person for patients, families, physicians and health care staff.

Care Management facilitates referrals to:

  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Care Agencies
  • Community Agencies

Care Management:

  • works with your physician and other health care clinicians to assure quality care is provided to you during your hospitalization
  • works with you, your significant other and your physician to develop a plan of care to meet your health care needs upon discharge
  • works with you to identify available financial resources to meet your health care needs
  • provides Social Work consultation to help you, your family or significant other, to cope with the stress of illness

For additional information please call 508-862-5402

Accounts Payable & Receivable 

As as service to our patients, the Hospital will bill most insurances on your behalf. However, billing is no guarantee of insurance benefits or payment and YOU are ultimately responsible for payment of services provided to you or your dependents.

After billing your insurer, the Hospital will wait approximately 60 days for payment. At that time we will (depending on your insurer) begin sending statements to you. You should verify your balance against the "Explanation of Benefits" your insurer sends to you before making a payment or calling our office.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we are located at 60 Park Street in Hyannis. Our telephone number is 508-957-1600.

Patient Meals and Food Service Hours

A staff member will bring you a menu selection form daily so that you can choose your meals in advance. Registered dieticians are available to answer your questions regarding your special diet. When tests scheduled by your doctor delay or cancel a meal, we will make arrangements for you to receive a late tray.

The hospital also features "At Your Request" room service dining from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Your nurse will determine whether you are medically able to participate in the program. To order room service, call 2-5555 from your room. Or'ders arrive within 45 minutes.

Food Service Hours for Patients: 

  • Breakfast           7:45 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.
  • Lunch               11:45 a.m.. - 12:45 p.m.
  • Dinner              4:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.
  • Room Service     6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Interpreter Services

The Interpreter Services Department at Cape Cod Hospital embraces, honors and respects diversity while advocating for the wellness of our community by providing linguistic/cultural appropriate services.

The purpose of the department is to assist the hospital staff and patient/customer/family in the communications and comprehension of all appropriate information and concerns in a proficient sensitive manner so as to minimize the likelihood of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

To contact the Interpreter Services Department, please call 508-862-5519 or call the operator and have the interpreter paged or email at Need more information?

Leaving the Hospital

Discharge time is 11:00 a.m. Only your physician may discharge you.

Patients should not be discharged alone. Please make arrangements for someone to bring you to the hospital and to pick you up at the time of your discharge.

Before you leave the Hospital

  • Check the room, make sure you have all your belongings.
  • Have your requested any valuables that were kept for you in the hospital safe?
  • Have you arranged for transportation?
  • Have you talked to your physician about follow-up care or special instructions?
  • Have you taken your prescriptions?

If your physician has ordered tests for you after your discharge, you will come back to the hospital and check in at our Admitting/Registration Area located in the main lobby. Please bring with you the prescription and/or the written instructions you received from your physician and your insurance card(s).


Mail and packages addressed to patients are sorted and delivered by volunteers, Monday - Friday. The mailing address at Cape Cod Hospital is:

Cape Cod Hospital
27 Park Street
Hyannis, MA 02601

When you are discharged, mail will be re-addressed to the mailing address you gave the hospital.

Medical Records

Medical records are the property of the Hospital but the information contained within the record belongs to the patient. Medical records are confidential and secure. Medical information may be released to the patient or designee upon receipt of a properly executed authorization. Copies of medical records may be obtained for a charge (for paper and processing), but there is no fee if copies are forwarded to another physician for continuing care. Processing time for obtaining copies varies; it is best to call ahead, this will save time. Please call: (508) 862-5255 or ext. 25255 from within the hospital.

Pastoral Care

PO Box 640, 27 Park Street Hyannis, MA 02601,  (508)771-1800

Pastoral Care is one of Cape Cod Hospital's important support services allied with other healthcare professions to carry out the following mission:

  • Promote a ministry of compassion, counseling, and inspiration for staff, patients, and families of all faiths
  • Provide a ministry of Word and Sacrament; including visitation, prayer, and worship in the chapel for staff, patients and families
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation within the hospital community by responding to crises; consoling the dying and depressed, comforting the bereaved, and counseling all in a covenant of confidentiality


Cape Cod Hospital is committed to providing healthcare that encompasses the needs of the whole person. As members of the health care team, Pastoral Care works cooperatively with all staff to bring spiritual, emotional and religious support to all patients and their families receiving care at Cape Cod Hospital.

Chapel and Worship Services:

There is a Chapel located on the second floor above the main entrance to the Hospital. It is open 24 hours a day for prayer, meditation and devotion. Bibles, devotional books and pamphlets are available for your use.

Televised Mass is available:
Monday-Friday, 9:30am, Channel 15
Sunday, 11am Channel 6

Pastoral Care Staff:
Our Chaplains at Cape Cod Hospital are here to provide care, comfort and support. They understand that hospitalization and illness may be stressful yet meaningful in a number of different ways.

Hospital Chaplains From within the Hospital From Outside the Hospital
Father Bill Sylvia    
Gretchen MacKoul    
Rev.Rick Vought Extension 25287 508-862-5287
Deacon Greg Beckel Extension 25287 508-862-5287
Cantor Bruce Malin Extension 25287 508-862-5287

Pastoral Care Ministries:

  • Being present and listening
  • Offering pastoral counseling
  • Providing prayer, sacraments and scripture
  • Contacting your clergyperson
  • Supporting your family and friends
  • Assisting in the exploration of medical -ethical decisions
  • Offering support through bereavement
  • Providing "Talking Books" for those with impaired eyesight

Pastoral Support for the Roman Catholic Chaplaincy Program is shared by the Hospital and the Diocese of Fall River.

Pastor support for the Chaplaincy Program also comes from the Jewish Federation of Cape Cod. (Telephone (508)778-5589)

Pastoral Care endeavors to comply with the new HIPAA regulations.

Cape Cod Hospital welcomes community clergy of all faiths to visit members of their specific congregations.

Preparing for Surgery

The Day Before Surgery

DO NOT eat or drink ANYTHING after 12 midnight on the night before your surgery. This includes gum, lifesavers, water, coffee, tea or juice. The pre-admission testing nurse will clarify any questions you may have regarding taking your daily medication. IF you eat or drink anything, your surgery will have to be postponed to another day.

Please arrange to have someone drive you to and from the hospital on the day of surgery. The person coming with you will be contacted when you are ready to leave the hospital. For your protection we must insist that you DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF HOME AFTER ANESTHESIA.

Please leave all your valuables at home. Since your hospital stay will be brief, bring as little as possible. A bathrobe, slippers and hospital gown will be provided.

Please do not wear any jewelry, makeup or nail polish on the day of surgery. The color of your skin and fingernails give the anesthesiologist valuable information about you condition.

The Day of Surgery:

For your convenience, you will be pre-registered for your surgery on the day of your pre-operative testing.

On the morning of your surgery please arrive at the O'Keeffe Surgical Pavilion at Cape Cod Hospital at the designated time. Please allow enough time for parking and registration. Your scheduled time of surgery is an "approximate" time. This time may vary depending on circumstances in the operating room. If you did not have your testing done at Cape Cod Hospital, or if you did not have your pre-operative testing, please check in at the Registration desk.

After surgery, you will be transferred to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit where you will be observed by specially trained nursing staff under the direction of the anesthesiologist until you are awake. You will then return to the Ambulatory Care Unit.

When you are ready to go home, the staff will telephone the person you have designated to drive you home.
If the type of surgery necessitates admission to the hospital, you will be transferred from the Post Anesthesia Care Unit directly to your assigned room.

Observation Stays

Please note that sometimes you may be asked to participate in an observation stay, which does not result in admission to the hospital, unless it is decided through the result of the observation that surgery is required. In the case of such a decision, please refer to the information in this section on preparing for surgery.

Bed and Breakfast - Post-Op

This service may be arranged after surgery for a minimal fee and includes a room and meals overnight at the hospital. Patients should bring their own medications taken regularly at home with them.


Telephones are available to you in your room. There is no charge for local calls. If you  make a toll call, you may charge it to your home telephone or telephone credit card. You may also call "Collect".


TV's are available to all patients at no charge.


Please do not keep valuable items in your room. Valuable personal items and money should be left at home or placed in our Hospital vault for safekeeping. If you wear dentures please pay special attention to where you put them after removing them, and try not to place them on your metal tray. If you have any jewelry, money or personal items that you would like stored in our vault, please talk to your nurse.

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